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Technique & Material 
Carved and glazed moulded terracotta and white enamel Carved and glazed moulded terracotta and white enamel



Size (cm)

 h 40 cm x 25 cm

Weight (kg) 

3,100 kg


Lamp depicting a "pupa with moustache": typical object widespread in the artistic production of Grottaglie. It represents a man with moustache dressed in women's clothes or can also be a woman in succinct clothes who holds in his hands some flowers and a dagger. The origins of this artefact can be traced back to the 17th century when the Spanish domination was as consolidated as it was abhorred by the people in Apulia. The story tells about a nobleman who exercised an absolute authority over his lands including the "ius primae noctis" (the right to spend the wedding night with the wife of his own servant). However, once a farmer decided to remove his wife from this abuse and on the night of the wedding, disguised as a woman, he assassinated his lord. But the nobleman immediately found out the farmer because of his moustache! To expiate the guilt, the farmer was sentenced every year to offer the nobleman the best wine of his harvest, enclosed in containers that depicted him in women's clothes so he could never forget his treason. You can use it as a design lamp, furnishing accessory and even as a candle’s container because of its particular shape on the woman’s hat. Electrical system included.

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