E-Gall was founded by two italian women living in Amsterdam who wanted to promote international trade for local Southern Italian artisans. We believe that we can empower our community by helping traditional craftspeople move from offline business models into new eCommerce solutions.

For us, supporting our community means to give artisans from the South of Italy the guide to stay independent, sustainable and profitable now and in the future. At E-Gall, we believe that we find new solutions. We like challenges. 

We come from a really magic town: Grottaglie has always been the “mother” of so many artists who marked a sign into our local culture. Town of ceramic and street art, we want to give to locals an authentic voice and the most effective way to do that is telling you our story. 

Elegant with a powerful tail, we chose a rooster as a logo because it’s deep-rooted in the local artistic culture of our native place. Its meaning is more than a beautiful shape. In fact, it covers a powerful message: it can bring good energy and move away the bad one and also symbolises fertility.

Do you know that, according to a local popular saying, if the husband could see a rooster drawn on the plate during his marriage celebration he could expect to get sons? Funny, right? Because of its hopeful meaning hidden behind the shape, the rooster started to be represented since the ‘700 century and highly requested as protagonist for local home decore. 

Enjoy this journey into local art.